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Welcome to MedScribe360

Established and experienced in the Healthcare support over 16 years, we stride towards enhanced patient care by leveraging our Medical scribing service, Al- powered technologies and Robotic Process Automation. Over 125 Healthcare Providers have been leveraging our 9 AAPC Certifications to facilitate Patient Care. The collaborative efforts of lifesaving Healthcare providers with the MedScribe360’s certified professionals, marching towards enhanced patient care, form the crux of MedScribe360. As our professionals relieve the healthcare providers off the medical record documentation duty through their certified expertise in scribing, we ensure extended and augmented patient care. Our scribing services are grounded to the CMS’ Medical Record Documentation Guidelines.

Our Story

We entered the business as Medical transcriptionists in 2006 with 125 healthcare providers as our esteemed clients. Since then, we have consistently helped our clients achieve 27% increase in revenue. With the practical exposure at clinics, we understood the struggle of doctors’ amidst offering patient care and yielding faster reimbursement. Our providers are our tutors. Highly satisfied with the quality of service we offer as medical transcriptionists, they guided us into the particulars of medical charting, coding, billing, auditing and Revenue Cycle management. Through their guidance and in-depth field study embellished with our AAPC Certifications and AI-powered Technologies, we entered into allied avenues of business and are successfully established as a name of quality.

Our Mission

Healthcare providers spend 7 minutes per patient for medical record documentation. By offering our scribing service, we enable doctors to additionally meet 5 to 7 patients on a daily-basis. Also this liberates healthcare providers from keeping in pace with the CMS documentation guidelines.

Beneficiaries of our Certified Medical Scribes

Healthcare Providers

Family Practice, Cardiologists, OBGYNs, Pediatrics, Pain Management, Podiatrists, Ophthalmologists, etc.

Mental Health Providers

No more juggling between documentation and counseling! We do the former, you focus on the latter.

Home Health Agencies

Burdening your brain with data to document charts after home visits of patients?? Not anymore!
We have got you!

What sets us apart from others?

Continuing Education System: CES


Percent of physician's offices have Certified Scribes on board


Percent of providers perform their own Charting

It is cumbersome for providers to watch-out for ongoing payer requirements, including Clinical Documentation, Coding, Billing, and OIG/CMS Guidelines. MedScribe360’s 9 AAPC Certifications guide the clients to meet the regulations with ease. Our medical scribes look out for opportunities to stay on track with the current updates in the market.

Under the CES, our scribes AAPC Forums for vital updates and actively participate in Medical Record Documentation improvement events, MIPS/MACRA events and several conferences to enhance their skills and prepare them for challenges in Medical Record Documentation.

Medscribe360’s Case study

A few of our recent Case studies

Here is a one of our most recent case studies. Do you want to see more?

Know our client to know our business!

They can tell you firsthand, the technical expertise, effort and finesse that goes into our medical record documentation.

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“I’m blessed to have a Scribe with Aegis. I’m now able to document the charts per the guidelines and I’m able to sign-off the charts right after seeing my patients”

Ms. McKelvin

Office Manager

My patients are happy I no longer look into the computer while I encounter them. I highly recommend MedScribe360-Aegis

Dr. Herzog

Memorial Medical

I do not have to worry about working after reaching home to complete my charts. I now have more family time.

Dr. Steven J


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