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What is MIPS/MACRA ?

MIPS is a program of a scoring system to determine the amount that will be paid to the medical practitioner for patient care and treatment. The amount paid is estimated based on the composite performance score that ranges from 0 to 100.

This composite performance score is given based on quality (30%), Promoting Interoperability (25%), patient care costs (30%), and improvement activities (15%)


Quality refers to the quality of care provided to the patient during the course of treatment

Promoting interoperability

PI emphasizes the proper use of EMR software for a detailed report of patient care.

Patient care costs

Costs include the cost that is incurred in the process of patient care.

Improvement activities

The score for improvement activities includes the efforts and measures taken to improve the patient’s treatment progress.

MACRA is a federal law that began the MIPS scoring model for reimbursement

MIPS-MACRA makes it mandatory to submit a clear report on the patient care and treatment in order to claim reimbursement. In case of failure to follow the guidelines, the government can penalize the practitioner.

MedScribe360 is officially certified as a MIPS-MACRA Consultant

With MIPS-MACRA certified professionals, we help doctors gain their claims and incentives by proper and accurate compliance with MIPS-MACRA. The Medical practitioners can leverage our certification to enhance their documentation process and patient care, thereby fetching higher and faster reimbursements.

Our Certified Functions


Track your MACRA Qualification


Clinical Documentation Assistance


Assistance on proper Report Submission


Training and guidance to practitioner and staff


Consistent tracking of compliance, reports, patient care and updates

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“I’m blessed to have a Scribe with Aegis. I’m now able to document the charts per the guidelines and I’m able to sign-off the charts right after seeing my patients”

Ms. McKelvin

Office Manager

My patients are happy I no longer look into the computer while I encounter them. I highly recommend MedScribe360-Aegis

Dr. Herzog

Memorial Medical

I do not have to worry about working after reaching home to complete my charts. I now have more family time.

Dr. Steven J



Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a dedicated Medical Scribe?

Yes, we provide you a dedicated Medical Scribe along with a secondary backup scribe.

What are the specialties you cover?

We assign a specialty-specific Medical Scribe. Some of the specialties that we cover include
Family Practice, Cardiologists, OBGYNs, Paediatrics, Pain Management, Podiatrists and

Do your Medical Scribes help meet the documentation guidelines set by CMS/MIPS/MACRA?

Yes, our Medical Scribes are trained to assist doctors to meet the CMS/MIPS/MACRA
guidelines. Our Medical Scribes actively participate in MIPA/MACRA webinars to keep
themselves updated on the changes.

Is your service HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, we comply with the HIPAA regulations and guidelines.

How does your Medical Scribe communicate with us?

We communicate with doctors via a HIPAA Compliant program called VSee. VSee
Messenger facilitates HIPAA compliancy in two ways:
1. It protects data privacy and securely encrypts all audio/video communication.
2. VSee offers the HIPAA-required Business Associate Agreement, where VSee agrees to be
responsible for keeping all patient information secure and for reporting any breach of
personal health information immediately.

Do your Medical Scribes help with prescriptions and lab orders?

Yes, our Medical Scribes help doctors with ordering prescriptions and labs under the
supervision of the doctors.

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