Medical Transcription


Research says that a 4-minute doctor-patient interaction takes 12 minutes to be documented as charts in the EHR by the Healthcare Provider


Time ∝ Patients ∝ Reimbursement

By leveraging our Medical Transcription, our healthcare providers get to see one additional patient per hour and save two hours of chart documentation in the EHR per day. Numerically, a doctor gets to see 5 to 7 additional patients per day. Financially, a doctor gains $7,040 to $9,856 additional reimbursement per month.


iPhone/Android App or Dictaphone or Telephone Dictation System


Charting directly into your EMR/EHRs


TAT: 2 Hours / 4 Hours / 6 Hours / 12 Hours


HIPAA Compliant & HL7 Integration

How do Physicians benefit?

Our specialized Medical Transcription service enables doctors to,

Minimal system-time and administrative workload

Increased doctor-patient interaction time

Enhanced patient care

Understand the market better!

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“I’m blessed to have a Scribe with Aegis. I’m now able to document the charts per the guidelines and I’m able to sign-off the charts right after seeing my patients”

Ms. McKelvin

Office Manager

My patients are happy I no longer look into the computer while I encounter them. I highly recommend MedScribe360-Aegis

Dr. Herzog

Memorial Medical

I do not have to worry about working after reaching home to complete my charts. I now have more family time.

Dr. Steven J



Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a dedicated Medical Scribe?

Yes, we provide you a dedicated Medical Scribe along with a secondary backup scribe.

What are the specialties you cover?

We assign a specialty-specific Medical Scribe. Some of the specialties that we cover include
Family Practice, Cardiologists, OBGYNs, Paediatrics, Pain Management, Podiatrists and

Do your Medical Scribes help meet the documentation guidelines set by CMS/MIPS/MACRA?

Yes, our Medical Scribes are trained to assist doctors to meet the CMS/MIPS/MACRA
guidelines. Our Medical Scribes actively participate in MIPA/MACRA webinars to keep
themselves updated on the changes.

Is your service HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, we comply with the HIPAA regulations and guidelines.

How does your Medical Scribe communicate with us?

We communicate with doctors via a HIPAA Compliant program called VSee. VSee
Messenger facilitates HIPAA compliancy in two ways:
1. It protects data privacy and securely encrypts all audio/video communication.
2. VSee offers the HIPAA-required Business Associate Agreement, where VSee agrees to be
responsible for keeping all patient information secure and for reporting any breach of
personal health information immediately.

Do your Medical Scribes help with prescriptions and lab orders?

Yes, our Medical Scribes help doctors with ordering prescriptions and labs under the
supervision of the doctors.

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