MedScribe360’s Virtual Medical Scribes are becoming more popular as a way for Doctors to reduce their clerical workload.

As we move into a new healthcare era, Virtual Medical Scribing is an increasingly growing development that allows healthcare services to,

  • handle patients’ data in real-time,

  •  provide the best care that the patients deserve, and

  •  save time on documentation and make time to provide care for more patients.

The Clients of MedScribe360 experience

  •  increased care to 5 to 7 additional patients in a day.

  •  improved patient-physician encounter quality,

  •  continuous eye-to-eye contact,

  •  increased physician productivity,

  • reduced physician reporting time,

  •  reduced physician burnout, and

  •  increased revenue.

A study conducted by Dataquest showed that Virtual Medical Scribing is a game-changing innovation in the Healthcare industry that allows accessing patient data in the EMR in real-time safely.

Virtual Medical Scribe is a specialist who can listen to a doctor-patient conversation and translate it into helpful patient health records that complies with CMS Documentation Guidelines. When the Virtual Medical Scribe is charting the health record in real-time, the Doctor is free to meet with and observe the patient. The process is made possible by supplying high-quality microphones in the exam rooms of Doctors’ offices and allowing the Virtual Medical Scribe access to the EMR.

The Virtual Medical Scribe focuses on eradicating a few of the disadvantages of a Physical Medical Scribe:

  • Price

  •  In the consultation room, there isn’t enough room for the extra person.

  •  The time it takes to train the Physical Medical Scribe on Electronic Medical Record (EMR), physician workflow, and to train a replacement Physical Medical Scribe if one leaves.

  • Cost – A Virtual Medical Scribe helps Doctors save 40% over a Physical Medical Scribe. Although both physical and Virtual Medical Scribes can save time by allowing doctors to treat more patients and better their billing and coding, the Virtual Medical Scribe gives doctors more opportunities.

  •  Training – The amount of time it takes to integrate Physical Medical Scribes into the workflow and train them on the EMR is the most common concern among physicians who use them. When a physical scribe leaves and a new one must be prepared, things get much more complicated. Many physical scribes are nursing or medical school students, using the medical scribe role as a stepping stone to their long-term career goals. This makes intuitive sense, but it complicates scribe hiring. MedScribe360 uses a team approach, with many scribes familiar with the physician’s routine and preferred documentation style.

  •  Physical Restrictions – Exam rooms are already limited and crowded, especially in major cities. Having a second person in the exam room is not always emotionally relaxed. Furthermore, certain people are apprehensive of having someone other than a doctor or nurse present for an examination. The virtual scribe takes care of all of these matters.

  • Issues with Scheduling – When a practitioner and scribe have a 1:1 or 2:1 partnership, their schedules must be synchronized. The surgeon is without help for the duration of the scribe’s holiday or illness. Using a Virtual Medical Scribe takes care of this problem.

  •  EMR experts – Many Virtual Medical Scribe are acquainted with and relaxed using various Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). This encourages the Virtual Medical Scribe to advise providers about navigating the EMR and how to use templates. Furthermore, new employees may benefit from working with a Virtual Medical Scribe who is familiar with the practice’s EMR. In this way, the Virtual Medical Scribe will aid the new physician’s transition.

  •  Virtual Medical Scribes have the flexibility to be present as appropriate and to assist other physicians when they are not.

  • If you are a physician intending to use a virtual Medical scribe service, you might want to think about using MedScribe360’s services. You’ll be taken aback.

    What are you waiting for?

    Contact MedScribe360 right away. Begin using their scribing services and you’ll be on your way to reaping the amazing benefits. MedScribe360 can help your doctors save time, see more patients, and achieve a better work-life balance while maintaining 100% patient satisfaction.

   If you have any questions about MedScribe360’s virtual medical scribe service, you  can schedule a call with a medical scribe advisor to get them clarified.